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Scrolling Wallpaper 2.0

Instructions and files after the break!

Please consider a small donation, to help me fund my caffeine addiction. More caffeine = less sleep = more themes!!

This is a follow up from my original scrolling wallpaper tutorial posted on XDA.

Download the source files, they contain all the images and Photoshop files for you to create your own.

Again I have this set up for 6 screens, it is possible with less, all you have to do is move the icons on the wallpapers proportional to how many screen you have. For example if I were to want 5 screen my icons would have to be placed 120px apart, not the 96px I’ve used here.

Some of these settings may only be available to LauncherPro Plus users. I highly recommend purchasing it to support the developer. It is very themer-friendly.


Step 1.

Download and extract the source files to your sdcard, leave out the “PSDs” folder and “screenshots.png”.

Please note, the included wallpapers are only for 800*480 screen resolution. For alternate wallpapers and docks please get them here.

Step 2.

With ‘Wallpaper Set and Save’, set the wallpaper. It should be in \sdcard\Wallpapers\. This eliminates the gradient banding.

Step 3.

Set up Launcher Pro with the following settings

Homescreen Settings

Number of screens = 6

Default Screen = 1

Number of Columns = 5

Number of Rows = 5

Auto-fit Items = Ticked

Appearance Settings

Dock Background – Custom – set included dock

Hide Notification bar = ticked

Hide icon labels = ticked

Disable wallpaper scrolling = unticked

Step 4.

On screen 1 add transparent icons over the left hand bar, to do this;

Long press home screen > Shortcuts > LauncherPro Shortcuts > Screen 6 > Remove Label > Tap the icon and change it to “blank.png”. Move the shortcut above “Settings” (top left). (Edit – forgot to include the Blank.png. Find it here)

If you are getting a black screen and can’t select the shortcut, verify the *.lps files are in folder “lpshortcuts”, “download” or “downloads”. This should fix the issue. More info here.

Repeat this for screens 2-5

Step 5.

Add dock icons to dock. This is my setup.

Position 1 – Links to home page, swipe for App Drawer, blank.png

Position 2 – DialerOne, swipe for Missed Calls popup, dial.png

Position 3 – Browser, web.png

Position 4 – Messaging, swipe for Unread SMS popup, text.png

Position 5 – K-9 Mail, Swipe to show notification bar, mail.png

That gives you the basis of the theme. More grey text icons are here.

Banners and Icons

Icons are a mix of mine and CHRFB’s ‘ecqlipse 2‘ with the reflections removed, I’ve been given permission to share these here. I highly recommend checking out his work, it is very nice!

Here are his icons without reflections, and mine.

I’ve added banner icons to each page with Desktop Visualiser and linked them to a Folder Organizer Label. The icons along the bottom are added with desktop visualiser. Banners are ‘3×1’ and icons are ‘Small’, be sure to remove the label before you add it


Analog Clock – Own Mod

Genie Widget – Own Mod

Beautiful Widgets – “Beautiful Weather 4×1” – FlatWhite skin by Simen Opsahl

I hope you have fun with re-interpreting this one too.


Thanks to teejaymarx at XDA for testing this HVGA devices.

Thanks to CHRFB’s for his icons and graciously sharing them.

Google and HTC for the phone.

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  1. seth wrote:

    will this work on the thunderbolt?

  2. Hi,

    I can’t figure out how to make the shortcut that links to the first home screen. (The one that is in the lower left corner). I’ve looked through the “Activities” that I can link it too, but right now I’m stuck :S
    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

    • Cait wrote:

      Jan, it’s under “LauncherPro Shortcuts” which in turn is under “Select shortcut”. Home screen should be screen_1.lps

  3. Northlight wrote:

    Love this, used Launcher Pro for long time, now I just changed to ADW, that comes with CyanogenMod. Here I like the categories off the apps.
    Is there a way to use this Wallpaper under ADW too?

  4. martinnetsims wrote:

    hi gaza if your still knoking around this is there contact
    and details,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,say martin n said you would sort him out