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Screenshot – Scrolling Gauge

I’m not completely happy with the dock bar yet, but feel free to grab it and improve on it. Currently only for 800×480 resolution phones and for a 5 screen set-up.

- SiMi Clock Widget

- Smooth Calendar

- SwitchPro

- Beautiful Widgets (Flat White theme, 1×1 and 4×1 widgets – must have latest version of BW)

- Widgets overlapped using LauncherPro Plus as described here. (Nice collection of more minimal layouts at that blog). You need to pay for it on the launcherpro website.

- Icons are chrfb’s with reflections removed

The wallpaper is from here.

You can find the dock and overlay in the dropbox. Relevant files are “Gauge_480″ and “SW2_OL.5.1_WVGA”

Basically the same idea as before, but using the centre of the wallpaper as the “window”. Now I just need to find some different icons. Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Kimbo Price wrote:

    I'm really feeling this one. Great work, dude!

  2. Sergio wrote:

    This is amazing man!

  3. Marcus wrote:

    Love it!

  4. Epyon wrote:

    Great job! Looking forward for HVGA version. :)

  5. Marcus wrote:

    Hm sorry for asking but, were can i find the "SW2_OL3.5.1_WVGA" file? Beacuse it aint in the dropbox section in the link- and not in the dropbox link under the APKs and Images section either.

  6. cs_sux wrote:

    Good idea, Gas, but that red line looks weird, imo. And what icons do You look for? Dock or that from chrfb?


  7. Marcus wrote:

    Oh.. thx! Sorry.. I thought it had somthing to do with how you can overlap the widgets and wallpapers.. ^^ did not evean look that far. ^^ Damn, I am so ashamed right now…

  8. ClassicalGas wrote:

    @Marcus Yeah it's currently only for WVGA. As I'm not completely happy with it yet.

    @cs_sux – I think it looks a bit better on the phone. As always, a bit more tweaking is needed. I'm just talking about icon-sets in general. I'm getting a bit sick of "Ecqlipse 2" and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

  9. David wrote:

    how can you have the titles appear on each screen eg settings tools etc?

  10. ClassicalGas wrote:

    @David – they are placed there with Desktop Visualizer and link to Folder Organizer labels.

  11. kiratomic wrote:

    hi there, what are the full word txt icons you are using? i've seen the grey txt icons, but they're only abriviations.

  12. Liam wrote:

    I'd like to know that too. Or just the font he used on the page titles

  13. Erq wrote:

    Can’t figure out this vertical line you have there. SiMi Clock gives only a part of it.

  14. Pieter wrote:

    How do you configure the vertical line? Is it part of the SiMi Clock?